GoalUnited Cheat Tool – Money and GU Stars Adder

 GoalUnited Cheat Tool:

By this program You can generate unlimited GU Stars and money. You must enter a username and wait until the log. For Your safety we implemented special anti-ban system to this hack. Now You don’t have to worry about Your account. GoalUnited Cheat Tool is the best choice. Check this!

GoalUnited game:

Goalunited is a manager browser game, whereby you must take on all the responsibilities as coach of soccer team. In order to be successful in the browser game you will have to manage all the duties of coach and manager, including training, personnel recruitment, team sponsorship, player wages, and organizing matches.  Revenue is made through ticketing for your matches, and all income is added to your team’s balance. From the revenue you make you will also be able to upgrade your equipment, recruit more staff and build large stadiums. You start out with a small ‘Football Area’ stadium, gradually reconstructing and climbing your way up to the premium ‘International Arena’ stadium as your team earns more revenue.

How to use:

Screenshot with GoalUnited Cheat Tool

1. Download GoalUnited Cheat Tool
2. Enter the Username and click ‘Connect GU Server’
3. Enter the value of GU Stars or Money
4. Click ‘Add now!’
5. Wait until a message appears ‘Done!’
6. Your amount now added.

GoalUnited Cheat Tool features:

Unlimited – You can add unlimited money or GU Stars
Anti-Ban System – You don’t have to worry to Your account. Your account is safety!
Support – You can ask about everything, at all times
Fast generate – Your money or GU Stars will be added on 1 – 2 minutes.

GoalUnited Cheat Tool data:

Size: 6,15 MB
Supported operating system: Windows 98/XP/ME/2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/PRO/8.1

No viruses: 

 GoalUnited Cheat Tool download:

Server 1:

Server 2:

How to download:

Check this instruction, how to download file. This is very easy and takes short time.

GoalUnited Cheat Tool. How it works (video):

Does this Cheat Tool work?

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